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Divine Healing Technician Training:
This course will teach you the basics regarding divine healing. This is very good teaching, and will get you going for Jesus.
DHT01  DHT06  DHT11  DHT16
DHT02  DHT07  DHT12  DHT17
DHT03  DHT08  DHT13  DHT18
DHT04   DHT09  DHT14  DHT 19
DHT05  DHT10  DHT15  

New Man Seminar
 NewMan 01  NewMan 06  NewMan 11  NewMan 16
 NewMan 02  NewMan 07  NewMan 12  NewMan 17
 NewMan 03  NewMan 08  NewMan 13  NewMan 18
 NewMan 04  NewMan 09  NewMan 14  
 NewMan 05  NewMan 10  NewMan 15  

Kingdom Realities
It's amazing perspecitve on God's Kingdom. Very good listening!
 Kingdom_01 Kingdom_02 Kingdom_03 Kingdom_04
 Kingdom 05 DoesoftheWord notHearersOnly 01
 DoersoftheWord notHearersOnly 02 Jesus the Prototype Word
 Legal Basis of Healing Living Healed Someone Right Wrong 01 Someone Right Wrong 02
 Are You a Disciple? Killing Sacred Cows Taking Restrictions Off 

 Swat 01 Swat 02 Swat 03 Swat 04
 Swat 05 Swat 06 Swat 07 Swat 08
 Swat 09 Swat 10  

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